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Service Mission 

Through our services we aim to educated the public on the importance of bees while helping to sustain our local bee population. With swarm control, pollination, and bee equipment wee ensure that bees are not harmed and are well taken care of. Our services are as pure as the products we provide. 

For more information on the services we provide you can click on the blue icons. 

Our Services

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Wee offer an annual workshop for future beekeepers, but also do private sessions of 10 people or more. Click on the icon for more information. 

Swarm Catcher

Swarms can be dangerous if you have children or animals near by. Contact us today for a quote on swarm control.

Pollination Service 

From commercial farming to local gardeners, wee offer pollination services at flexible rates. 

Beekeeper Supplies 

Want to become a beekeeper or just need more supplies? Our supplies range from beekeeper suits to craftsman bee boxes. 

What our customers are saying

I was surprised by the amount of watermelons we harvested after renting some bee hives. We had more fruit than we knew what to do with! Thank you ladies!

Karen Thomas -  2018