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Delight in Sticky, Sweet, and Syrupy Honey Goodness

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Enjoy delicious and nutritious honey from Wee 3 Bee Co. in Springfield, Tennessee. Wee offer local and non-local varieties to suit different tastes. All of these are packed with nutrients and have many health benefits. What’s more, they never go bad!

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Our products have drawn in many customers from local farmer’s markets. Some of them take honey or bee pollen for their allergies. One customer even found that he didn’t need to take his allergy shots anymore because of honey. Place an order today and discover the difference that our offerings can make!

What Customers Are Saying

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Started purchasing their raw honey this year, awesome. And I can say since using local raw honey it actually has helped my allergies/sinuses.

Kelly Ann O'Brien 

August 20, 2018

Their honey is fantastic, locally grown, and they know this business inside and out. The different flavors based on where their hives are is truly amazing. You should take time to taste the samples in their store in Springfield, “The Honeycomb”. Me and my son loved going in there.

Beverly Goley Nicholson

December 19, 2018

I have bought 5 quarts of honey now from We 3Bee Co. It is excellent honey. The whole family loved it a Christmas. Local honey from a good company. Local honey is hard to find. This is true local honey.

Barry Buntin

January 4, 2019