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Delight in Sticky, Sweet, and Syrupy Honey Goodness

Enjoy delicious and nutritious honey from Wee 3 Bee Co. in Springfield, Tennessee. Wee offer local and nonlocal varieties to suit different tastes. All of these are packed with nutrients and have many health benefits. What’s more, they never go bad!

Our products have drawn in many customers from local farmer’s markets. Some of them take honey or bee pollen for their allergies. One customer even found that he didn’t need to take his allergy shots anymore because of honey. Place an order today and discover the difference that our offerings can make!

Other Products Offered

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  • Honeycomb
  • Flavored Honey Straws

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  • Beeswax
  • Body Scrubs

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  • Candles

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Shipping List 

Our company has shipped some of our products to customers in California, Texas, and Ohio. Wee have also served local people who moved away.

Shipping costs from $7 to $20. Check back with the site regularly to see our updated shipping list.

For All Busy Bees

If you’re interested in becoming a beekeeper, wee have you covered. Here, wee sell bees and bee equipment to help you start your career in the industry. Wee even conduct beekeeping classes and presentations for schools and children on field trips!

Through our efforts, wee are able to share the importance of bees with other people and show how much these buzzing insects can help us in our daily lives.

What Customers Are Saying

Many say that our honey is the best in the county. Learn exactly what they’re saying about our products by reading the testimonials below!

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