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Pollination Services 

Pollination is the most important role that honey bees fulfill for human kind.  Since plants are immobile, they require assistance with their reproduction, and that’s where bees play a huge role. They take pollen from one plant to another to make it possible for plants to create produce. 

Commercial Farmer? 

If you are a farmer with 10 acres or more, we can pollinate for you! Pollination quality is the difference between crop success and failure. Call or email us today for more information.

Small farmer or Gardener? 

Wee 3 Bee Co. can help turn a mediocre garden into a bountiful oasis. A honey bee hive can fill in those pollination gaps and add a buzz to your garden. Honey bees bring life to a garden that will delight your senses and help fill your pantry. Call or Email us today for more information. 

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Pollination Prices

Wee charge $100 per hive for 

6-8 weeks. To ensure the bees will pollinate your plants your garden or farm should be at 10% bloom. 


Gardeners typically have 1 acre or less of produce growing. Bees will pollinate your garden, but need more food. Wee will ensure that the bees are fed and happy!

Small Farmer

Wee consider a small farm to be around 5-15 acres. Wee take care of everything from checking on the bees to transporting the hives for the most pollination.

Commercial Farmer

The largest farms we have pollinated have been over 120 acres! No farm is too big for our hives. Wee place the hives strategically to pollinate every acre of your farm!  

What to expect 

Wee offer payment plans for those that need it. Wee ask for a 50% down payment and the remaining balance payed prior to pick up. Expect a hive check-up from our master beekeepers. This is to ensure the bees are feed, safe, and healthy. All renters must agree to the terms and conditions before hives are delivered.