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About Us

Founded in 2010, our woman-owned local company offers a wide variety of honey and bee products at competitive prices. Wee have been in the beekeeping business for more than seven years. Wee opened our retail store in May 2018.

Our Team

We love creating products for you

Lewis & Sue Walling


Lewis and Sue have called Springfield home since 1949. Lewis is a retired Engineer Consultant, while Sue is a retired elementary school teacher. Their families have been catching swarms as a hobby since the 1950's, but Lewis and Sue decided to start the family business of Wee 3 Bee Co. in 2010.

Susan Pitts 

Master Bee Keeper

After a major car accident Susan decided to follow her passion for the outdoors and join the family business with her parents Lewis and Sue. She has been a Master Beekeeper since 2018 and has sustained over 400 hives of Italian and Carnelian honeybees. She continues to spread her knowledge about bees by visiting schools and hosting a annual beekeepers workshop. 

Amber Clinard 

Product Specialist 

As a mother of 3 children, Amber knows the importance of having quality products around her family. She insures that only the best honey and wax goes into the products she helps to create at Wee 3 Bee Co. As of 2018 Amber is a Master Beekeeper and can be found in the fields with Susan when she is not creating products for Wee 3 Bee Co.